A Charming Campout is episode 19 of Little Charmers.

It aired on May 8, 2015.

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Hazel's dad toke the charm scouts on a camping trip but things get worse when they got lost


The episode starts off at hazel's home Hazel and her friends are charm scouts they're so excited for their camping trip.Hazel found her sleeping bag and the charm scouts are so excited for their camping trip.Posie can't wait to so all the charm scouts skills.Lavender hears when they earn a charm it magically poofs onto their bracelets and their bracelets could use some sparkles.Hazel is trying to fit everything but seven is trying to come with them,but this camping trip is for charm scosts only.But they'll be back with their pets in the morning.They say goodbye to their pets and they left to get their charm scout leader.

They went to the kitchen and Hazel calls her mom and she came in here and tells the charm scouts if there're all set and ready to go.the charm scouts are but hazel's mom isn't ready yet.Hazel's mom tells them it only takes a second.she packs everything like feeding,drinking,sleeping,and sparkle s'mores.she is all done packing and just as they're about to go when the phone rings and hazel's mom goes and get it.Hazel's dad comes in and tells them if there're ready to go to the great outdoors he knows that he was a highly decorated charm scout also Hazel just wanted to say that.Hazel's mom came in but they had to cancel their trip because that there's an magic emergency.the charmers are disappointed because their trip was cancel but hazel's dad decided to take them camping instead.the charm scouts are going to have a great time.

The charmers are moping on their brooms dad is doing his list and Posie tells Hazel that hazel's mom pack like 2 seconds.the charmers tell him that he is almost ready to go.Lavender ask him that is that his packing list.and he held a pile of packing list.

The charmers pace around on their brooms. Then, Hazel's dad does an equipment check.


  • Hazel's dad: "Didn't I tell you that I was a ..."
    • Hazel and her dad : "<Simultaneously> ... highly decorated charm scout?"
  • Hazel: (Realizes)"Just once or twice."



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