Object Classification Magical vehicle
Function Means of transport
Character Info
Known Users Hazel
Mrs. Charming
Mrs. Greensparkle
Ruby Sparkle
Broomy (plural Broomies) is a sentient magical object shown as being used as the main means of transport by several characters in Little Charmers. Based on a witch's broom, it is used for flying. It should be noted that only female characters of the series call their vehicles broomies, while male characters refer to them simply as "brooms". However there is no difference between female and male flying brooms regarding their purpose.

Usually the girls can be seen using broomies to get to far locations or when they visit the Charm House.


A portmanteau of "broom" and "roomy".

Known Broomy Users


  • When needed by all three of the Charmers, the broomies are called by them with a lively: "Broomies!". This is one of the recurring clips of the shows, along with the "To the Charm House" and "Sparkle Up Charmers" ones.
  • The broomies are sentient magical objects. They are clearly seen going to the Charmers without being called and enjoying a show at the Charm House along with Cauldron.
  • Everytime the charmers are on their brooms they magically make capes appear on themselves, most likely to protect themselves from wind during their flying travels. When they get off their vehicles, the capes disappear. And sometimes, the capes don't disappear.
  • A special broomy exists, constructed by Hazel's dad using parts of three different powerful broomies resulting in a very powerful and indomitable magical broom.
  • There seems to be a difference between broomies belonging to female persons and male ones. While the Charmers' and the Enchantress' broomies are very similar to the typical witch's broom, the ones used by male characters such as Hazel's dad and Parsley sport a much more "technological" fashion, with parts like handlebars and motors. Additionally, male's brooms are called with a whistle, not by name like the Charmers do[1].
  • The Charmers' broomies despite being flying brooms, have also being used in one single occasion as ordinary brooms; specifically to sweep the Charmhouse steps[2].
  • Whenever the Charmers are flying out of control, they get crash landings and they could possibly get serious injuries.


  1. You can see Parsley and Hazel's dad calling theirs this way in "Add A Little Parsley" and "Santa Sparkle" respectively.
  2. In "No Charm in the Charmhouse".
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