Charming Pets is episode 2 of Little Charmers

It aired on January 14, 2015

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The charmers and their pets accidentally switch bodies before a tea party.


The episode starts off at Hazel's house. Hazel is getting Seven ready because today is the day for the tea party! Her friends call and her friends are ready for the tea party too. Her parents come in and tells them it's time to go to the elf kings tea party. Then they have another tea party with the gnomes, and another tea party with the winter fairies. And Hazel's mom tells her she'll be one tea party by the time they get to the charmhouse. And she and dad left. And Hazel tells the charmers they must do something special for the tea party.

At the charmhouse, Hazel and her friends need something special for the tea party. Posie decides they should have a tea h party they'll tell funny tea jokes. She made up a joke. And they must need another idea. The pets are playing around. And they decided they put on the tea and talent show starring their pets! That sounds tea-rrific!

They performed for their pets. Hazel tells Seven that he can have his cookie at the tea party. First Lavender does her talent show and her's is the sparkliest.

Next Posie does her's and she is the flutiest.

Then Hazel does her's, but it's not going smoothly. It has to be magical.

Hazel wants seven to perform a magic trick make it a rainbow appear.She tells him to meow the magic words she taught him to do.It was meow-a-kazoo.Posie admits that seven is cute enough by playing his ball of yarn.Hazel tells that he can it I know he can.Then she knocks seven's hat off.Hazel runs and get it but drops her's.She tries it with magic but she's wearing seven's hat and seven was wearing hazel's hat.Hazel tries it again but this time with a spell.But suddenly it was a misspelled!Now Hazel has seven's voice.And Hazel who has seven's voice.Then seven that has hazel's voice starts to get hectic.Seven who has Hazel's voice tells her friends to give someone her/his wand.But holding a wand would be much easier if she/he had fingers.


  • Seven: (With Hazel's Voice) Okay. We’ve got a spell to break!
  • Treble: (With Posie's Voice) I've been hazeled.
  • Flare: (With Lavender's Voice) Wings? And Scales? So not my best look.


The charmers are wearing silver bows in this episode

Seven pilots the broom for the first time.

This is the first time a charmer switches bodies.


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