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Episodes of Little Charmers are produced as coupled back to back episodes of about 11 minutes each included in a segment of about 23 minutes and occasionally as a single episode during a whole 23 minutes.

Season 1

Production sequence

Episodes are identified in production with a production code composed by three numbers, with the first number indicating the season number and the last two the episode number. Since episodes are produced two by two, each production code identifies two episodes, except for extended special episodes.

Production Code Episode Number Episode Title
101 1a "Prince Not So Charming"
1b "A Charming Outfit"
102 2a "Charming Trio"
2b "Add a Little Parsley"
103 3a "Double Trouble Spell"
3b "Charming Pets"
104 4a "A Charming Do Over"
4b "A Charming Fad"
105 5a "Lucky Seven"
5b "Moon Madness"
106 6a "Switcheroo"
6b "Garden Pests"
107 7a "Freeze Dance"
7b "The Gingerbread Boy"
108 8 "Spooky Pumpkin Moon Night"
109 9a "Charming Chatterbox"
9b "Cluck Stars"
110 10a "Fashion No Show"
10b "Locket or Lose It"
111 11a "Uncharmed Life"
11b "Pest Friends Forever"
112 12 "Charmy Hearts Day"
113 13a "Hairy Ways"
13b "Calling All Cauldrons"
114 14a "Wish Upon a Jar"
14b "Upside Down Friends"
115 15a "Zip Zoom Broom"
15b "Sheep Over Party"
116 16 "Sparkle Bunny"
117 17a "Frankenflare"
17b "Charming Cheers"
118 18a "Bean There, Done That"
18b "Charmville Unchained"
119 19a "My Charmhouse is Your Charmhouse"
19b "Frog For a Day"
120 20a "A Charming Wedding"
20b "Snug Little Rug"
121 21a "Charm Your Mom Day"
21b "A Charming Campout"
122 22a "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
22b "Circus Surprise"
123 23a "Sing Song Pox"
23b "A Tooth on the Loose"
124 24a "Dad's Hat Magic"
24b "Charming Ogres"
125 25a "Hurry Up Hazel"
25b "No Charm in the Charmhouse"
126 26a "Charming Nightlights"
26b "Charming Babies"
127 27a "Unicorn Without a Horn"
27b "All Stirred Up"
128 28a "A Charming Mistake"
28b "A Charming Surprise Birthday"
129 29a "Wandering Wand"
29b "Good Knight, Good Day"
130 30 "Santa Sparkle"
131 31a "Band on the Run"
31b "Picture Perfect Posie"
132 32a "Forget Me Not"
32b "Nelson In Charge"
133 33a "Glass Slipper"
33b "Hazel, You Shrunk the Charmers"
134 34a "Hazel-Nuts"
34b "Charming Cookies"
135 35a "A Charming Story"
35b "Magic Mishap"
136 36a "Posie's Pesky Potion"
36b "Sparkle Storm Adventure"
137 37 "A Charmazing Mermaid Tale"
138 38a "A Charmazing Race"
38b "Dragon Daycare"
139 39a "Bigger, Better, Broomier!"
39b "Night Owls"
140 40a "Sparkleberry Pies"
40b "Wishing Fish"
996 41 "Magical Mistakes"
997 42 "Musical Moments"
- - "The Magic of Charmville"
- - "Pet Friends Forever"

Broadcast Sequence

Broadcast order of the episodes is different from the order intended by the series' authors, unfortunately not rarely leading to inconsistencies regarding episodes featuring debuts of several characters being broadcast after anthology episodes containing clips from the debut episode. This table will detail original american broadcast order.

Original U.S. Air Date Episode Number Episode Title
January 12, 2015 1a "Prince Not So Charming"
1b "A Charming Outfit"
January 14, 2015 2a "Double Trouble Spell"
2b "Charming Pets"
January 15, 2015 3a "A Charming Do Over"
3b "A Charming Fad"
January 19, 2015 4a "Lucky Seven"
4b "Moon Madness"
January 21, 2015 5a "Switcheroo"
5b "Garden Pests"
January 23, 2015 6a "Charming Chatterbox"
6b "Cluck Stars"
January 27, 2015 7a "Freeze Dance"
7b "The Gingerbread Boy"
January 29, 2015 8a "Fashion No Show"
8b "Locket or Lose It
February 13, 2015 9 "Charmy Hearts Day"
February 20, 2015 10a "Uncharmed Life"
10b "Pest Friends Forever"
February 20, 2015 11a "Charming Trio"
11b "Add a Little Parsley"
March 13, 2015 12a "Hairy Ways"
12b "Calling All Cauldrons
March 13, 2015 13a "Wish Upon a Jar"
13b "Upside Down Friends"
April 3, 2015 14 "Sparkle Bunny"
May 8, 2015 15a "Charm Your Mom Day"
15b "A Charming Campout"
August 4, 2015 16a "Zip Zoom Broom"
16b "Sheep Over Party"
August 6, 2015 17a "Frankenflare"
17b "Charming Cheers"
August 11, 2015 18a "Bean There, Done That"
18b "Charmville Unchained"
August 13, 2015 19a "My Charmhouse is Your Charmhouse"
19b "Frog For a Day"
August 18, 2015 20a "A Charming Wedding"
20b "Snug Little Rug"
August 20, 2015 21a "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
21b "Circus Surprise"
August 22, 2015 22 "Magical Mistakes"
August 22, 2015 23 "Musical Moments"
October 21, 2015 24 "Spooky Pumpkin Moon Night"
October 26, 2015 25a "Sing Song Pox"
25b "A Tooth on the Loose"
October 27, 2015 26a "Dad's Hat Magic"
26b "Charming Ogres"
October 28, 2015 27a "Hurry Up Hazel"
27b "No Charm in the Charmhouse"
October 29, 2015 28a "Charming Nightlights"
28b "Charming Babies"
November 30, 2015 29a "Unicorn Without a Horn"
29b "All Stirred Up"
December 1, 2015 30a "A Charming Mistake"
30b "A Charming Surprise Birthday"
December 2, 2015 31a "Wandering Wand"
31b "Good Knight, Good Day
December 3, 2015 32a "Band on the Run"
32b "Picture Perfect Posie"
December 11, 2015 33 "Santa Sparkle"
February 1, 2016 34a "Forget Me Not"
34b "Nelson In Charge"
February 3, 2016 35a "Glass Slipper"
35b "Hazel, You Shrunk the Charmers"
March 14, 2016 36a "Hazel-Nuts"
36b "Charming Cookies"
March 16, 2016 37a "A Charming Story"
37b "Magic Mishap"
April 11, 2016 38a "Posie's Pesky Potion"
38b "Sparkle Storm Adventure
April 13, 2016 39a "A Charmazing Race"
39b "Dragon Daycare"
May 9, 2016 40a "Bigger, Better, Broomier!"
40b "Night Owls"
May 11, 2016 41a "Sparkleberry Pies"
41b "Wishing Fish"
August 6, 2016 42 "The Magic of Charmville"
August 6, 2016 43 "Pet Friends Forever"
August 14, 2016 44 "A Charmazing Mermaid Tale"
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