"Oh daffodils!"

Theme Colors Cyan, Pink, White
Symbols Lily Flowers, Musical Notes
Pet Treble
Physical and Vital Information
Species Magical Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Professional Statistics
Occupation Charmer

Charm Scout

Personal Status
Relatives Parsley (older brother)

Thistle (baby brother)

Her mom

Her father

Voice Actors
English Matilda Gilbert

Posie is the best friend of Hazel and Lavender and a main character of Little Charmers.



Posie has fair skin and bright blue eyes and peach lips. Her long, straight blonde hair down is streaked with dirty-blonde and platinum. Her bangs frame her face, held with a cyan braid to match the braided on the side of her hair, alternating with two streaks of blonde and held with a pink hibiscus flower. At times she may pull her hair into either a ponytail with no streaks but just her flower and braids, a messy braided chignon bun, or in space buns.

She normally wears a pink dress with cyan straps around the chest, attached to small leaf covering the top of her shoulders to match the leaf design tracing the bottom of the skirt. A white petticoat sticks out from the bottom. She also wears pale pink and dark teal striped tights and a pair of pink flats held with a single leaf strap.

For other outfits worn by Posie, visit: Posie (Other Outfits)


Easily excitable and very gentle, Posie is optimistic and peaceful by default. She sees the beauty in everything and can be very sweet with a motherly flair and ability to trust her instincts. She can be easily distracted however, and is very chatty to the point of accidentally being blunt with others or a little rude.

Posie does her best to keep everyone encouraged and uplifted.

Magical Abilities

Posie is a special Charmer Apprentice, one known as a Spellerina; which means she is talented with both Magic and Music; she is in fact capable of improvise useful magical music, dances and songs alike, on the moment in order to help solving any problem that arise.

Magical Paraphernalia

"Lavender, quick! In my pack! Get me my mushroom magnifying glass!"
Magnifying Glass To see this subject(s) in detail, visit the page(s): Wand; Broomy


Posie's wand is a light green flute with pale yellow accenting it. The top where music and magic comes out is a pink flower, while the mouth piece and finger hole on the bottom is fuchsia. Being a Spellerina her wand is capable of playing melodies with different magical properties that were of great help to the Charmers more than once, such as hypnotizing tunes or magical lullabies of sure effect.


The stick resembles a green flower stem with a single pink hibiscus near the top. The broom is made of several green leaf and pieces of plant with pink flower chains lining each side and flowing from the tip. Above the broom is a fuchsia ornament.



  • "We play our wands."


Garden Pests:

  • "Lavender, all of nature is beautiful!"
  • "Oh Lavender, how can you think about food? Hazel is upset."
  • "Yummy hairweed, mm"
  • "Not so beautiful"

Lucky Seven:

  • "Flute-tastic"

Moon Madness:

  • "This is the sparkling-est sleepover ever, Hazel"
  • "Charm-a-kazoo, love this hair do."
  • "My mom says late at night there's a moon dance par-tay"
  • "Thanks for owl your help Treble."
  • "Oh no! I squashed the moon!"


  • "What in the flying pants is going on, Hazel?"
  • "Super-tastic!"


  • Posie is named after the flower of the same name.
  • She and Lavender got their bodies switched once[1].
  • In addition to the portmanteaus every character use to say Posie also has got a predilection for word puns, puns in general and non offensive wisecracks, most likely a trait related to her very positive behaviour. She likes these to the point of suggesting an "all word puns" tea party[2].
  • Posie is always the Charmer who comes up with a name for something new or a new friend the Little Charmers just met. Notable examples of such creativity are the snowgirl Snow Flake[3], the musical band Rainbow Sparkle[4] and the unicorn Squeaker[5], all named by her.


Official Art and Screenshots


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