Charmer Posie
Physical and Vital Information
Species Owl
Gender Female
Eye Color Turquoise
Professional Statistics
Occupation Pet
Affiliation Little Charmers
Personal Status
Relatives none known
Voice Actors
English Andrew Sabiston

Treble is a character in Little Charmers. She belongs to Posie. She is voiced by Andrew Sabiston, who also voices Mr. Charming.



Treble is a pink owl with big turqoise eyes and a small pale yellow beak to match her feet. Her face and feathery wings are pale pink. She has a few light colored flowers on the side of her stomach.


A typical owl, but a total sweety and without the scary faces. She is very patient and calm with others, and very smart. But she prefers to distance herself from others and keep out of trouble; but when things look bad you can guarantee she'll be zooming right over to lend a wing. 

She has a lovely sounding "woo" and likes to join Posie when she sings.

Magical Abilities

It is said that she has the ability to forsee things before they happen, which comes in handy when she isn't around the others. Although non magical ones, Treble has got very good singing[1] and dancing skills too, just like her little mistress.


  • "Wooooo!"
  • "Hoot-hoot!"[2]
  • "Woooo."
  • "Wooo... Woo! Woo! Wooo!"[3]
  • "Wooo, hoot-hoooot!"[4]
  • “Hoot”[5]


  • She and her actor is the only character voiced more than one, but her voice sounds very masqueline so it was changed to a feminine one.
  • Treble was named after the musical note; fitting as Posie enjoys music and has a talent in it.
  • As said, Treble is a good dancer but it may be of interest that one time she got specifically a very good break-dancing act[6].
  • Treble is capable of rotating her by 360°, but this always makes her feeling dizzy[7].


  1. In "Charming Pets" she proves to be a good singer, accompanying Posie's flute music with her hoots fitting the tune's tempo.
  2. Typical owl noise, can be heard for example when the moon falls asleep on Mount Sparkle More in "Moon Madness".
  3. Heard in "The Gingerbread Boy", when the snow dude's arm broke and she was about to fall to the ground.
  4. Can be heard several times in the episodes, mostly when she is happy.
  5. owl sound
  6. See the end of "A Charming Fad".
  7. See for example "A Charming Fad" when the hair-dryer and brush levitate near her and "Spooky Pumpkin Moon Night" at the Pumpkin Patch.
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