Unicorn Without a Horn is episode 29a of Little Charmers.

It aired on November 30, 2015

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It's baby unicorn day and Hazel wants to help squeaker fit in


Hazel and squeaker flew back to the corral and wonders where Lavender, Posie, and the baby unicorns. Hazel's mom says they haven't came back yet. They're concern it's getting late and the fog is starting to get thicker. She goes to find them. But then squeaker decided he should signal his friends. And the charmers and the babies heard it and came back. And the horn spell finally wore out and squeaker is back to squeaking instead of a fog horn. Hazel tells squeaker that he is a unicorn hero. And the fog starts to clear out and the babies did their unicorn rainbow jumps. Squeaker joins the fun and he starts to get a blinking horn like his friends.and the episode came to a unicorny end.



  • The charmers wear unicorn hats in this episode
  • When hazel catches a unicorn her cape suddenly appeared
  • In some screens posie's flower that goes on her hair disappears and reappeared
  • It's revealed that baby unicorns are born when they come out of a rainbow.


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