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Bud Spencer

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Hello, I am an admin of this wiki. Everybody's contribution is appreciated but know that there are rules to be followed if you want to help with the site.

Charming Rules: How to Become a True Charm Scout

Read carefully, please.

Please abide to them to assure that everyone has a nice, fun time!

  1. No 'adult' content will be permitted. This includes dirty images and foul language as this wikia is intended for any age.
  2. Please do not Flame or Spam the series or this wikia - it has done nothing to you and we do not find it funny.
  3. Badge-hunting is not allowed and if this happens on multiple occasions, they will be shut off.
  4. Please try to avoid arguing or fighting. Any dispute between members should be reported to an Admin or haulted immediately.
  5. Anything related to fanon is not allowed on this wiki. Do not post it on any pages or it will be removed. Users who post this kind of stuff will only be warned once before being blocked.
  6. Only information taken directly from the series can be added to the wiki articles. This means edits based on speculation and guessing can't remain on the wiki and will be immediately undone.
  7. Take your time when writing. Use best grammar, both in articles and comments.

Overall do not think that, just because this is a wiki based on a children show, you can do what you want thinking no one of the admins will eventually care, because they do.

Personal infos

I am an "incidental" viewer of Little Charmers, 'cause a dear relative of mine watches it. I find the series quite good, not so childish and fun, with amazing and colorful graphic along nice characters who never really get angry, a nice change from the mature videogames I usually play and so different from the real life. I think, if the world could be more Little Charmers like it would be a much better place.

On a practical "wiki related" note, please everybody know that I am not english, so there may be some small errors in pages I created. Please be aware of this. I can contribute with grammar corrections in pages written in blatant poor grammar skills and I am good with screenshots.


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